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Just tweeted it.

I love *everything* about Norton's Online Family! We just had an issue with our pre-teen son going to sites he shouldn't so I've been in the market for something like this. I like that it tracks social network sites and instant messages sent and received. My favorite, though, is the feature that blocks important personal information from being sent out.

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My family uses Cyber Patrol which also keeps track of every site that has been visited by our computers. I am the only one in the house with the pass word. My fave Spy Mom thing is to get online up stairs while my kids are on a different computer and "listen in" on thier conversations and activities.

Right now my kids are five and under, so there isn't a lot of online time yet. We have agreed to no computer in their rooms now or the near future. The computer is connected to our TV screen so they do PBSkids in the living room where I can watch were they are on the web!

This would be really awesome to win and I'd love you forever. Oh wait, I already do, girlfriend.

YIKES! Hit send too soon. This would be awesome for us because the parental control software that we had for years with our ISP was discontinued a few months ago. We had an issue with someone sending awful links to my 12yod recently. I would love something like this.



I just posted to Facebook.

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My parents do an excellent job of protecting my family online. First off they use Norton to protect our computers from harmful material such as viruses and spyware, we also have some blockers that block out the bad material that circulates throughout the internet such as pop ups and pornography.

Please enter me in!

Sounds like a great service. My older daughter is 7 and we have very tight security settings on the computer for her. She has a few websites that she can view (webkinz, PBS kids) and anything else she tries to open up is blocked until a password is entered in and the site is approved. There is too many sites that open up as pop-ups that we don't want her exposed to. The computer is also in our family room so that we can see what sites are open at any time.

I would absolutely love this!

My kids and I email and send each other interesting links.... I know they're on facebook alot and although I don't "read" their pages, they do show me alot of pictures which is very insightful! Thanks!

I had to enter this one. also twitter https://twitter.com/Monkeygiggles

Can you twitter with this? I don't have anything fancy, so I'm interested to know the features.

My oldest son is 8 so I admit I haven't done as much as I should have yet. He has started wanting to play online games and I've been researching some different sites. This really sounds like a great one and I will be checking it out in length. Some precautions I have taken just with having a husband and boys in the house is that the computer is right in the main living part in between the kitchen and family room where I can always see the computer. We do have some free stuff on this computer and so far I've been lucky not to stumble on anything but as my kids are getting older this is REALLY important to me. Thanks for bringing Norton's to my attention!

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Well, I haven't won anything in a really long time, so here goes.

I love the idea of the Norton Family online and am going to use it...I need to be able to monitor what my kids are doing online, especially now that they are older. I need to not only monitor where but for HOW LONG...it would be great to have a timer built in - I realize not everyone would use it, but for families with multiple kids, it would be handy.

I'm tweeting this here: http://twitter.com/simplyamusing/status/1194540287

I would so love to win this to give to my hubby!!

Oh and we use Avast to keep our kids safe on the net. But this service beckons to be looked in to. I will be doing my research!

I've always made sure to monitor what my children do online but I'm not an idiot, I know how I was at their age. Consequently, I'm probably the most un-cool mom in the world because I require all passwords my children have and I approve all online friends. My sons are grown now so I can't police what they do anymore, but I have a 12 year old daughter and I can tell you that I've gone online and spot-checked what's been going on. Checking the history is some help, but software like this closes all the loopholes. It's not that I don't trust my daughter, even though we've talked about pervs online, it's those pervs I worry about. I don't need some sicko fooling my daughter into thinking she's talking to another pre-teen. This product should come preloaded on computers for people who have children.

I tweeted:

I have my ratings set for my younger daughter. My older we work on the honor system (she thinks). I go behind and check her tracks to just make sure she is following thru with our contract. For our family it works well, I realize though this could only work with both sides holding up their end of the deal. So software like this from Norton is awesome. I am probably going to need it with my younger daughter. Her sense of honor goes only so far. lol.

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