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I am very blessed to have a mother who is very involved in my online activities, not only as a protector, but as a blogger-buddy. When we first started blogging I was 14 so my mother kept a close eye on who I blogged with as well as who I emailed. She also read all my posts to make I was being respectful and intelligent (ha! Not to mention I needed help with grammar!). It's been three years since we started and my mother still does all the above mentioned things. I am glad for that barrier because it has protected me from outside harm as well as harm I could have caused myself with carelessness. That is something only the Lord could have known I would need in a mother.

I tweeted your giveaway twice:

Blessings to you and whoever wins. :)

Here's how my parents work it:
You must have someone in the room you are in {on the computer} at all times. And they also have set the parental controls on our computer to block any websites that have inappropriate content on them.

I would LOVE to win one of these! There so cool, and very useful, i saw you can put the Starbucks menu on it :)

Thanks so much for holding this givaway

I Facebooked it :)

I tweeted it here:

I Facebooked it here:

My parents always have someone sitting in the room with us while we are using the internet. I love the accountability.

Thanks for the chance to win this Ipod Touch! :)


I twittered it here:

And I blogged about it here:


I blogged about it here:

My parents have the family computer in their room. They ask us what we do on the computer and since they've instilled a sensitive conscience in us, we remember that they will ask us, and there is very little temptation to go places we shouldn't.

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My kids are all grown, so I just have to keep track of my granddaughters when they are with us. And they only use the internet when we are with them. The computer is in a central location in the home. Norton's would be a great investment.

My kiddos don't go online yet, but I sure would like to be protected from a lot of the junk that "pops up" on me!
I would sure like an ipod too!

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