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The "About Page".


Here, you'll decide in 30 seconds or less whether or not reading PENSIEVE is worth your about the PRESSURE!! There are 50+ million blogs out there and I expect you to read mine‽‽

You betcha;).

Who the heck do I think I am? Reasonable question considering I'm asking for a slice of your time.

Truth is, can ANYONE really answer that question in just a few paragraphs? I could TELL you a few facts, but I'd rather you surf around my archives, read a few posts and get to know me (it's what I do when determining whether or not I'm gonna subscribe your blog;) ). Stalk me a little, lurk until you're comfortable, then dive in with YOUR thoughts--comments are the crack of blogging, and I've got a slight addiction. Or maybe that's just the middle-child syndrome, begging for attention.

Oops! I just told you something about me...see? If I keep writing, I'll start spilling all kinds of sordid details about myself (like, I'm married to my college sweetheart, I've got two teenagers and my baby will be there way too soon, I'm a JesusFreak who sometimes talks about it but mostly tries to live it, and we've got a dog and cat (invited) and a sometimes raccoon (uninvited).

Oh...the blog name--PENSIEVE. Lots of people seem to land "here" in the first place when they google it, but they're already familiar with the reference to know to search it in the first place; for everyone else, a pensieve is a stone basin introduced in the Harry Potter series (first in "Goblet of Fire"). [One] can extract his or her own memories and place them in the Pensieve, especially to relieve the mind when it becomes too flooded with information. Anyone can examine the memories in the Pensieve, which also allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the memories stored within.

Don't you wish they were real, too?