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This sounds like an amazing service. My husband and I have small children now, and we do try to keep each other accountable, but this product would make it so much easier. Thanks for sharing.

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Blogged it as well.

This would be helpful because I could monitor what my daughter is doing while I'm at work. Her dad is an IT Helpdesk worker so he knows lots of sites that most screens don't block that he could manually block. I love the multiple computer accounts as well!



I do not know how to get the exact tweet URL so I just gave you mine and you can see it retweeted. My husband has one and loves it.

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This is an awesome giveaway. I'm hoping to have one some day to review for MMM lol ;0)

Are we allowed to enter each other's giveaways?? Cause I need an IPod touch in the worst way.

And I already love this software *giggles*

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To keep up with my teen, I'm her Myspace friend, Facebook friend, and IM friend. Where ever she goes online, I'm there...monitoring. She thinks it's cool that her mom is on Myspace. I just think it's smart!!! I love Norton products though, so I'm sure this new product will help MANY families.
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Since my oldest is 2, we haven't had to deal with the whole "kids online" issue - yet. I know the time is coming. When she first starts using the computer, it will be only under DIRECT supervision, with my help. Once she's old enough to use it on her own for homework or recreation, we'll definitely look into a program like this. You can't be too careful with the innocence of your children!




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Puleez oh please pick me - ok now that I got that out. I keep track of with my kids by keeping the computer time to a minimum and keeping the computer in the kitchen (old school I know) That is why I would love an iTouch *ahem* My husband and I are big believers in NO computers in the bedrooms and all activity must be down out in the open. We also have our computer locked so the kids have to ask us to unlock it before they get on. kind of strict I know, but there is just too much out there :)

Right now my daughter is 9. Her computer is in my office and as I sit at my desk, I can see her screen (looking over her shoulder). I do worry about when she gets older though and have wondered what's out there to help me protect her.

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I haven't won something in ages, so here goes!

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Would love to play around with an iPod touch someday.

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